Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of stress reduction, which also allows healing. Practitioners believe in the flowing of your life force, which affects your overall health. A high life force means that you will reject illness and negativity. A low life force allows illness, low energy and depression to negatively affect you. Reiki seeks to increase your life force for total health. Practitioners allow God’s own energy to flow through them and into the client, for when your own life force is low. It is very effective for many symptoms, these include:


  • Used alongside chemotherapy for when the side effects sap the client of their strength and happiness
  • Used alongside psychotherapy for giving the client the energy to heal their mind
  • In conjunction with massage therapy to promote healing
  • For anyone looking to ease their stress and pain

Balance the Mind, Body and Spirit

Reiki and naturopathic healing allows the client to facilitate their own healing from within. It is known to provide great relaxation and a state of peace to the client. Give us a call today and we can book you an appointment. We are here to guide you toward natural and holistic healing. Our Reiki practitioners will respond to your every need and we will make sure you are in good hands.
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