Lynnette LaHahnn B.S., L.M.T., C.N.H.P., N.D.

Certifications & Skills as a Licensed Massage Therapist & Naturopathic Doctor

Personal Action Towards Health (PATH) Facilitator
Flower Remedies
Essential Oils
Cranio-Sacral Bodywork
Meridian & Light Touch (Reiki)
Life Coaching (i.e., emotional & nutritional counseling)
Core Body Alignment
Myofascial Release
Muscle Response Testing

My Story

Every person’s path to natural health is different; however, those who travel that path achieve the same realization: our health is connected to the earth. Yes, this sounds all Kumbaya or tree-huggerish, but humans lived in a symbiotic relationship with nature for tens of thousands of years before the trappings of modern civilization. When I came to identify these trappings and forged my path to natural health, my life changed considerably for the better.

My initial interest in nature and its healing abilities came when I was a young degreed health educator and married mother of three young boys living in northern Michigan. I became interested in creating an environment and lifestyle that was less toxic for my family, so I began learning more about natural health, either through my own studies or through the many beautiful people who have crossed my path and left nuggets of knowledge that continue to guide me.

My first experience in how a deeper connectivity to the earth can lead to improved health came when I learned that garden-to-table eating was not only better for your body, but the taste is so much more delicious too! Truly, nutritional content is synonymous with taste. I also became interested in what my immediate natural habitat had to offer in terms of alternative medicines. For instance, I found that plantain leaves can be used to make a skin balm that is a great natural remedy for a number of things, including bee stings, sunburns, and diaper rash.

Quite possibly my most significant natural health discovery came when I was visiting the farm of a colleague who was a public health nurse. What I discovered there was a basket with curious looking brown bottles. When asked what she did with them, she exclaimed, “Everything!” They could be used for cleaning, cooking, first aid, you name it. What a wonder! I thought. I began using these brown bottles and have now for nearly two decades to clean my home naturally, spice up my dishes, and make homemade salves. These brown bottles are essential oils.

Soon after I began my path to natural health, I found myself living in northern Oregon. This nearly seven year stint blessed me with an opportunity to continue to explore my newfound passion. I was afforded time to continue to read voraciously, cultivate herbs, experiment with new foods, and incorporate natural household products that would bring health to my family.

As I learned more about my own natural health, I came to understand how unhealthy I was without being aware of it. I believe I was drawn into this growing field of natural health to help others understand its benefits; encourage them to find alternatives or complementary care to traditional medicine when appropriate; and guide them as they embark upon their unique path.

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